DJH (Germany)
Backpacker Network (Germany)
IHH (Ireland)
Independent Holiday Hostels, IHH Office, 57 lower gardiner street, Dublin 1, Ireland.,
IHI / IHO (Ireland)
Independent Hostels of Ireland.,
IBHS (Scottland)
Independent Backpacker Hostels Scottland,
Swiss Backpackers
Group of independent swiss backpacker hostels.
Welcome s.r.o (Czech Republic)
Accomodation service in Prague and the Czech Republic, Zikova 13, 16000 Prague 6 - Dejvice, Czech Republic.,
European Hostel Guidebook
Lists hostel worldwide. Allows reviewing hostels.
European Backpacking Portal with Online-Bookings.,
Lists hostels world wide and provides other travel Information.
BUG - the Backpackers Ultimate Guide
Lists many hostels and provides travel information around the world
Lists european hostels having less than 25 beds
Berlin Inside - Hostels
Lists hostels in Berlin.
Backpackers Guide
Europe's Famous 5 Hostels
The Internet Guide to Hostelling
Hostels of Europe
Backpacker Hostels Canada
Independent Hostels
Irish Hostelling Online
Contains very good list of all Irish Hostels no matter if and in which organisation they are. Download requires registering for group.
Swiss Backpacker News
Hay-Accomodations (sleep in hay with your sleeping bag)
Heu-Herbergen Schleswig-Hostein
Lists Hay-Hostels in Schleswig-Hostein (North Germany).
Lists Hay-Hotels (and other accomodation) in the Lower Saxony (North Germany).
Lists some Hay-Hotels in the Lower Saxony (North Germany).
Bauernhof- und Landurlaub in Hessen
Lists Hay-Hotels in Hessen.
Heuhotels am Bodensee
Lists Hay-Hotels around the Lake of Constance.
Lists some Hay-Hotels in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg.
Other Travel Links
World Tourism Dirctory
Directory of over 110000 entries on world wide travelling.
The Hospitality Club
Organises world-wide free, private accomodation between its members.
Organises world-wide free, private accomodation between its members.
Organises world-wide free, private accomodation between its members (for 20$/year).
Koch and Company
Caravan pages listing places to stay and stations for supply and disposal (in german).
Other Hostel Links
German blog about hostel topics
Hostel Management
Website for people managing hostels

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